Refund policy

Revision of 2022/10/01

This refund policy sets out the terms and procedure for the return of funds received by DATA TOWER Kft., located at 2/3, Andrassy ut 31, Budapest 1061, Hungary (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) after the User purchases the Company's products and services. The User has the right to a refund for purchased products and services of the Company in accordance with the rules set by this document.

The Company issues a refund when all of the following conditions are met:

  • the refund is requested no later than 14 calendar days since the purchase date (inclusive);

  • the refund request includes both:

    • exact date and time of purchase;

    • a list of purchased products and services for which User would like to get a refund (hereinafter referred to as “Returned Products”);

  • no more than 25 photons are spent from the date of purchase of Returned Products;

  • the refund request is made in either of the two ways below:

    • emailed to from the email address used to register Lampyre account from which Returned Products were purchased;

    • submitted to Support Chat in the User’s Lampyre account in which Returned Products were purchased.

Refunds are made in full only

Active subscriptions are renewed automatically. Users are notified of the future automatic payment in advance. To avoid difficulties associated with refunds, Users are advised to keep track of their auto-renewal and unsubscribe from the products that are no longer required.

Before purchasing Lampyre license, User should check out the system requirements to ensure that the hardware is compatible with Lampyre application.

Once the refund request is accepted, the funds are returned through the same means of payment, which were used to make the purchase. It takes four business days to complete a refund (9-18 UTC, Monday to Friday except all EU and Hungarian holidays). The refund transaction goes through a typical settlement process. Once the transaction is processed, the funds are sent back to the User. It may take several days for the User's bank or payment system to deposit these funds, so slight delay may occur. The Company is not responsible for any bank charges, fees or overdrafts.

If you did not purchase any products or services of the Company and did not register a Lampyre account, please request a refund through the payment system or contact the organization that issued your bank card from which the funds were debited. After the refund request is settled, the Company blocks the Lampyre account that initiated the unauthorized purchase and cancels all of its purchased products. It is not possible to create a new Lampyre account with the same credentials which were used to create that blocked account.

The following items are non-refundable:

  • products purchased using a promo code or granted to User as a bonus;

  • referral bonus credits spent on purchasing Company’s products;

  • unused photons in case User’s account was blocked by Company or deleted by User.

Any questions related to this refund policy should be addressed to Company’s tech support team via email .

Please note that, according to Company’s policy, all correspondence is in English only. For faster resolution of issues, please send emails in English using the email address linked to your Lampyre account.