Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lampyre and Lighthouse?

Lampyre is a desktop application for Windows OS, which helps you analyze data in different visualization modes.

Lighthouse is a service, which obtains data from different open sources using such input parameters as email address, phone number, IP address, domain name and so on.

Each Lampyre license contains some Lighthouse requests depending on the type and time period of this license. Please mind that Lampyre may be used without any connection to Lighthouse.

(You can learn more about Lampyre on our YouTube channel)

What are photons?

Photons are our rate for sending requests to different open sources in Lighthouse. In order to see the rate of any Lighthouse request, download our price list in the Pricing section on our website

We do not collect or store any data. We provide only live data obtained directly from the sources, that’s why our request prices may change from time to time depending on the behavior of data sources. For the same reason some requests may also become unavailable for some time or forever.

What is the difference between Enterprise and Individual licenses?

Lighthouse subscription is the same for Individual and Enterprise usage.

Lampyre Enterprise account license may be activated on 3 devices at the same time, Lampyre Individual license may be activated on no more than 1 device at the same time.

Enterprise account license includes more Lighthouse requests than Individual one. Enterprise account license allows assigning included licenses and photons to multiple users.

Which subscription do I need if I want to use Lampyre with Lighthouse?

Lampyre Standard license is the most common thing to start working, as it contains 1000 photons (for 1-month license) or 10000 photons (for 1-year license) for sending requests to Lighthouse. If you need more photons, you can get them by purchasing any of our Lighthouse subscriptions.

All photons that you get (with both Lampyre licenses and Lighthouse subscriptions) can be also spent on requests via API or web interface in your account.

I want to work with Lighthouse. Do I need a Lampyre license?

No, you don't necessarily need to purchase a Lampyre license. You may send requests to Lighthouse through our web interface in your account or through API.

What are Lampyre requests and what do they cost?

A Lampyre request is a script, which triggers one or a few Lighthouse requests and then turns the obtained results into a table, graph or a map to visualize it in Lampyre. The cost of any Lampyre request comprises the cost of all the Lighthouse requests that are triggered. Our detailed request price list is available in the Pricing section on our website

How can I prolong my subscription?

Every product that you purchase has its Auto-renewal option ON by default. One week until the end of the subscription term we notify our users by email that their product is about to be renewed. You can turn auto-renewal off any time without cancelling the subscription.

Where can I find info on my active subscriptions and licenses and manage their status?

You can find the list of your active subscriptions and licenses with their status in your account. Go to the Billing -> Subscription Plans section. One subscription may include several products. For example, Lampyre Standard License (1 month) and Lighthouse 1000. This is done for the convenience of payment in one transaction if you're purchasing several products together. In this same section, you can turn auto-renewal off for any of your subscriptions or just one product within your subscription. If you turn auto-renewal off for just one product in a subscription, the cost of this subscription will be lowered for the price of that product.

Will my photons expire and if yes, when?

Photons are valid for a year since the moment of your last purchase (of any product) in our Store, no matter the subscription period.

Do you offer student licenses?

Yes, we do. Please email to get one.