Frequently Asked Questions

What are photons?

Photons are our rate for sending requests to different open sources in Lampyre. You will see the rates of the requests in our Data Lookup, Lampyre Desktop and other tools.

We do not collect or store any data. We provide only live data obtained directly from the sources, that’s why our request prices may change from time to time depending on the behavior of data sources. For the same reason some requests may also become unavailable for some time or forever.

What is the difference between a Common User Account and a Corp User Account in our system?

In general they are the same, but a CORP Account has tools for creating and administering other accounts within itself and then assigning purchased Lampyre products to these accounts. It exists for the convenience of companies who require Lampyre to be used by a group of their employees.

In what case do I need a Lampyre PLUS product with a desktop license?

If you plan to work in Lampyre Desktop you need to buy any of our Lampyre PLUS products, which include a Lampyre Desktop license. You may buy these products together with other products to get more photons for your requests via any of our tools.

What are Lampyre requests and what do they cost?

A Lampyre request is a crawler or a group of crawlers which is run by our users via any of our tools: Lampyre Data Lookup, Lampyre Desktop, Lampyre Web or Lampyre API. It goes to the corresponding source and gets back certain results which are then visualized in the form of a table, a graph or on a map. Each request costs a different amount of Photons and the price is always indicated in our tools before you click Run.

How can I prolong my subscription?

Every product that you purchase has its Auto-renewal option ON by default. One week until the end of the subscription term we notify our users by email that their product is about to be renewed. You can turn auto-renewal off any time without cancelling the subscription.

Where can I find info on my active subscriptions and licenses and manage their status?

You can find the list of your active subscriptions and licenses with their status in the Subscriptions section of your account. You can check your Photon balance, your Lampyre Desktop license status and the next payment date (along with the products to be renewed) in different tabs there.

Please note that one subscription may include several products. For example, Lampyre PLUS (monthly) and Lampyre 1000. This is done for the convenience of payment in one transaction if you're purchasing several products together. In this same section, you can turn auto-renewal off for any of your subscriptions or just one product within your subscription. If you turn auto-renewal off for just one product in a subscription, the cost of this subscription will be lowered for the price of that product.

Will my photons expire and if yes, when?

Photons are valid for a year since the moment of your last purchase (of any product) in our Store, no matter the subscription period.

Do you offer student licenses?

Yes, we do. Please email to get one.