Lampyre Referral Program

The Lampyre Referral Program gives you an opportunity to earn Lampyre referral credits for your help in inviting new users to purchase our products. Lampyre referral credits are cumulative points that can be spent on buying our products.

1 referral credit = 1 euro.

All users with accounts may enrol into the Lampyre Referral Program upon agreeing to participate in it.

To start benefiting from the Program, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in to your Lampyre account
2. Click on Referral Program in your account, agree to participate, then find your referral code and copy it.
3. Share your referral code with someone or post it somewhere. Users with your referral code can buy any Lampyre product (excluding the trial product) with 5% discount. To do this, they need to tick 'Use promocode' and enter your referral code at the checkout. They can apply the code only once and only at the first purchase of Lampyre products (of any quantity). Our trial product is not considered as the first purchase in this case, so you can buy it first without applying any referral code and then make you next purchase, applying the code. The referrers cannot use their own referral codes to get a discount on our products.
4. Once a new user makes a purchase using your referral code, in 14 days you will receive a referral credit equal to 5% of the purchase amount (excluding VAT).
5. Check how things are going. You can view your current referral balance, statistics and transactions made using your referral code in your account.
6. Get Lampyre products with a discount, covering 1 to 99% of the total purchase with your referral credits.

The referral code discount cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions and special offers. Please note that the referral code discount is only applied to the first payment for the purchasing products, at the auto-renewal (if you don’t turn this feature OFF in your account) you will be charged the full price. Read more about the auto-renewal feature in our General Terms and Conditions of Use.