Intro to Lampyre

About Lampyre

Lampyre is a powerful analyst assistance tool. Top benefits:

  • Convenient large data array processing;

  • Easily operated and analyzed statistical information cuts;

  • Building various interrelationship graphs and overlaying of all aggregating results on a map and time scale;

  • Amazing benefit of reducing time on addressing analytical tasks

Analytical data is processed using custom requests, which enable obtaining and enriching data from different data sources, including your own offline sources using different analytical tools.

Custom requests are processed on the Lighthouse server in infrastructure. However, you can develop and implement your own custom requests and execute them locally.

In this section, you can learn about Lampyre analytical tools. Review our system requirements before using Lampyre.

We also recommend visiting our Youtube channel for video tutorials.

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System requirements



Windows 7 and later


.NET Framework 4.6.1

Video card

DirectX11 compatible


8 Gb


64 bit with at least two cores

Disk space

2 Gb


1MB Internet access for online mode