Data analysis & OSINT tool for everyone

Obtain, visualize and analyze data in one place to see what others can’t.

Lampyrise data!

Focus on your analytical tasks, not on searching for ways of obtaining data. Forget about converting formats. Set up your sources and interlink data in one place. Not enough information? Enrich your data in one click. The results you’ve only seen in movies! That’s what Lampyrise means.

More than 100 requests for obtaining and processing data

User ontology for working with the objects of your interest

Importing data from a file for working offline

More than 100 regularly updated data sources

Python API for fulfilling the most challenging tasks

Statistical and time-line data analysis

Obtaining data in one click without registration and additional expenses

Working with data on a map, graph and in a table at the same time

Data lookup

Get and export data in a quick and simple way. Desktop, mobile or tablet - doesn't matter which device you use!

Develop your analytics with API

You have your own search and analysis tricks? Use our API to embed your tools of obtaining and processing data.

Same data – 4 perspectives

Take a look at your data from different perspectives and uncover the unknown. You have 4 different visualization modes – table, map, graph and all three of them together.

Multiple ways of obtaining data

Obtain data with the help of the OSINT requests, through DaaS or upload different type data files offline.

OSINT in one click

We created what you've been always missing in your OSINT solution – a hub of supercharged requests.
Forget about constant registering and logging into hundreds of services!
Just input your search criteria, choose a suitable request and get your result.
That simple! All the rest is of our concern.

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Go beyond the graph

Analytics at the light speed

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