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Can you explain your suggestions in more detail?

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from previous discussion.

that, from your explaination, to add entity, name, from firstname, lastname, to indetify, geolocations, according, datapicker, from email address, from phonenumber,

this I need, for indetifying, departed member from member family.

from username ,
from phonenumber
from email address
to indetifying, previous geopoints, across social api, from datapicker,
for geolocations, not currently.


Here (Have you integrated, for canvas map, jquery location picker, datapicker, timepicker, for declaring, firstnames and lastnames from the persons, which have been near location coordinates picker, datapicker, timepicker,?) is the example of user’s arbitrary data. Based on this example, you can create your own scheme templates using absolutely any tabular data. You can replace the data from the example by any other and adjust the scheme according to your tasks. Please note that this example contains data, which initially was given in tabular form. If you want Lampyre to upload data from any specific resources, please provide a detailed example, and we will try to implement this.

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