This license is for another device



This license is for another device

License-51d62e6a-0f6e-48a9-a116-cb02207f1ca9.pfx (5.8 KB)


It seems that you have already received a license to your email at another workplace, right?

There are two possible uses of Lampyre on new PC:

  1. You’ve registered your e-mail address for Lampyre license using another device. You can reissue the license for your new device. In this case, your previous workplace license will be canceled. If you want to use Lampyre on a new device, enter your email address that you used earlier to register, and request a license via Internet.
    After that, you will receive an e-mail requesting to confirm the re-issue of the license. Confirm these actions, click OK in Lampyre then, and the new license will automatically be installed on your new PC. A backup license file will be sent to the mail.

  2. If you want to keep the old license and work on the previous workplace, you need to register another email address on a new PC.