This e-mail address is already registered. Open with an IP. Not with other IP's



This e-mail address is already registered. Open with an IP. Not with other IP’s


Could you please describe in more detail the situation when you have this error?
Are you trying to install and run the program in the second workplace?
The IP address is not important when obtaining a license. The system links to the device-id of your PC.


With received license file I have opened lampyre from other desktops with external dns


IP does not matter, DNS does not matter. 1 PC - 1 email - 1 license. The license is assigned to PC.
If you use two workplaces regardless of IP-addresses, Internet connection and other parameters, then each workplace shall be registered to one e-mail address. Each PC has its own Device ID. One license can be activated only on one PC. Each PC requires its own e-mail and its own license. Then you can work on both PC SIMULTANEOUSLY.
If you need to stop working at the first workplace and transfer the work to another PC (transfer your balance and email), please go through the following steps.
You can reissue the license for your new device. In this case, your previous workplace license will be canceled. If you want to use Lampyre on a new device, enter your email address that you used earlier to register, and request a license via Internet.
After that, you will receive an e-mail requesting to confirm the re-issue of the license. Confirm these actions, click OK in Lampyre then, and the new license will automatically be installed on your new PC.