The Node Labels In My Investigation are Not Appearing


I am not sure why but the node labels in my investigation are no longer appearing. This came after it worked yesterday. I am not sure why this occurring.



Could you please send us the screenshots to solve the problem:

  1. screenshot of the monitor settings window (in Windows 10: Settings - Display):

As for Windows 7, you can find “size of text” parameters separately from the resolution settings: in the control panel:

  1. screenshot of the properties window of any object on the diagram like this:

  2. log-file from the Lampyre directory (“lampyre.log”)

But it will be even better if you can send us the investigation file itself.

If the error always appears, you can create a test investigation using any test data of no confidential value for you. After saving the investigation, you can find it in the program directory (.lmpr file). This will help us understand the problem.


I can’t explain why but quitting and then re-opening the app has fixed the issue. Thanks for the support though!