Search By Phone Number - Strange Result


Thank you for making this wonderful software, I’ve been working on since early morning okay so i’m testing on my own account to see the effectiveness of lampyre i found out strange things.

i selected phone number in list of requests and chose whatsapp, telegram, facebook, skype i have account on all of this but only facebook showed result which is great! but i have account on whatsapp, telegram and skype and it did not show

Then i chose my facebook account and requested to get friends from it, it returned nothing too

am i doing anything wrong do i need to make any special configurations to get the results i desire ? thank you!



Thank you for your appreciation! Lampyre is in testing now, and therefore, unfortunately, errors may occur on that stage, but we consider all comments. Next week we plan an update with some corrections according to the requests, and you will see the results on Telegram, WhatsApp and Skype. We will notify you of the update by e-mail so that you can perform the requests again.

I would also like to remind that Lampyre works with open data. Sometimes the requested data is hidden. For example, a friend list may be hidden on Facebook. In this case, the request “Facebook friends by account username or ID” will not provide the result. You can try using “Facebook account hidden friends by account username or ID”. In both cases, we use only open data, but a different algorithm with “hidden friends”.


Hello, my account is open and everything is public, that’s why i was wondering the result!, waiting for your update! thank you!.