I downloaded your software yesterday, using a burning email for the registration process.

Now, after using your software a bit and be interested in it, I’ve tried to register in your web with the same email, but a notification tell me that this email provider is not allowed, so I’ve registered with an allowed one.

Could I associate this email (the correct one) with the product and computer associated to the previous burning email? If yes, how can I do? How can I associate the 10.000 photons you gave to me yesterday, with my account registered today in your web?


Extra question: do you have a key-shorcuts list?



Unfortunately, it is impossible to link two accounts with two different e-mails. But you can continue using Lampyre with a new email address: 5000 photons are available to all new users from January 1.
We ask you to send your previous email address you have a problem with at We will consider the situation and let you know about the result.

The key-shortcut list will soon be available in the documentation on the site immediately after the release of the Lampyre update, version 1.3.


Thanks! I’ve sent you an email to answering your question about my previous email account.