Probleme with facebook and phone number


i am testing your solution but i found some bugs
first of all facebook requests are all down no one of requests is okay and i suggest make a parametres to enter social logins or api tokens to avoid api rate limits
second number caller id is always with russian letters so i cannot read result and whatsapp request doesn’t work
thank you,


Hello! We apologize for unstable operation during the testing stage and possible errors. Try repeating Facebook requests now. If the problem persists, please send us input examples that you use, we will try to fix the error in the near future. WhatsApp requests are temporarily unavailable. Currently, we are solving the problem, and we will notify you as soon as we fix it.


thanks for your reply
concerning facebook requests it works sometimes but now it’s down again and because there is no error log i cannot define if it is an error comming from api/token or from the app. but it still very good app and it can be more developped in the future where can i contact you i have some ideas that would be great for your solution.
thank you,


Thank you for the feedback. Some requests may fail at the testing stage. We are improving the request stability to avoid errors. You can contact us via
Best regards, team