Phone calls analysis


I am starting with Lampyre.
I have a CSv file with phone calls.
I would like to know for example witch numbers called me on a specific date.
How can i get a knew table with this result ?
Thank you in advance.


Thank you for your interest in Lampyre.
You can get this information in a few simple steps.
For example, XLS file with such data:

Same for CSV file import.
First you need to import your CSV file into the program:

As a result, we get a table in Lampyre:

At this stage, we can select the required data in the table using filters:

We can also use the Content section. Double-clicking one or more items (with Shift key pressed) will leave visible only the required table elements:

Then, based on the table, we can create the Scheme using the button “Add Creation template”.
Create new object in the template:

Then assign object attributes to the table columns by direct drag and drop.
Save the template:

After that, you can build a scheme according to the template:

Such scheme is not particularly interesting for study due to no links. More information in the original CSV file could provide another scheme.
But in any case, we will see additional statistical information in the Content window and use Windows - Timeline window for more detailed call study:

By the way, Timeline window cannot be built on an open table at once. In other words, you need to build a scheme first. But in the nearest updates we will add working with Timeline right from the open table.

Good luck with your new OSINT investigations!

Best regards,
Lampyre Team.