New list of requests


I have propositiont about list of requests:

  1. social media
  1. info
  1. Geographical
  • mashed world dual maps
  1. cyber security

can you use linux aplication f.e.: recon-ng or devploit, belati?


Some requests are already available in Lampyre, i.e., haveibeenpwned.

Some suggestions from your list will be implemented in the next few
days, specifically - namechk, Facebook account by ID and user or

Considering your list, many interesting requests are not yet
included in the development plan, but will be, thank you for your

Moreover, other requests will be available soon, for example,
OpenPGP info by email, some additional Facebook requests, Harvester
email analogue (Kali Linux), Gravatar info and other.

Yes, we can use any tools under Linux, so what exactly are you interested in?

Follow our updates!


I’m reale glad then my some sugestion was helpfull.

I’m thinking about tools under Linux such as.: discover script, belati, yuki, hackertarget, scrivania, harpoon, photon, devploit or aquatone

About info I will propose: by company by company ID by company officer


Thank you for your suggestion!
By the way, you can get data from these resources via Lampyre independently, if you have experience with Python programming language.
Now we are preparing a manual for developing custom Lampyre requests.
As for Linux tools, we have such plans, so we are focused on developing some of them at the moment.