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Investigate data about people, companies, events, places, and connections.

Find personal and business affiliations. Search social media traces, opinions, various corporate and network data.

No programming skills needed. Start with a phone number, e-mail,
URL, name, photo or Alias. Easily visualize your data in 2 minutes no
matter how big it is.

With Social Links you get access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, DarkWeb, OССRP, Offshores Leaks, and 40+ other sources together with 1000+ search methods.


We have developed more than 40 data processing methods for Facebook.
They would provide you access to lists of user’s friends and connections
with other people. Also you can get detailed information from profiles,
such as:

  • locations

  • groups

  • educational institutions

  • employment history

  • photo albums

  • posts

  • likes

  • comments and even more.

There is also access to information concerning followers and
subscribers, posts, likes, comments and their authors for the Facebook
groups and pages.


For Instagram, we have prepared a number of methods that would help
you to obtain the information from the user’s profile, his followers,
subscriptions, photos and comments to them with the profiles of authors.


LinkedIn – one of the most protected social networks in terms of
access to the user’s information. But even here we have made methods of
searching profiles for obtaining information of them, including posts
and comments. Search by companies and by lists of their employees is
also available to our users.


Get an access to the user profile and lists of his followers, subscriptions, tweets and locations.

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

Look for the information you need in the project database by phrase,
company name, mail address or name of the investigation participant.

Now you have quick and easy access to the structured information of
The Panama Papers, the Offshore Leaks, the Bahamas Leaks and the
Paradise Papers.


Sqoop continuously collects and indexes documents from the following U.S. Government and exclusive sources.

We provide an access to Sqoop’s database and search by all the documents.


Try our snap search by coordinates.


Effective advanced search by companies and people.


Full-text search by the list of resources. Search by the alias or thread of post author’s and by BTC-wallet.

Bloxy service has been created to investigate at Ethereum platform. Wallets, transactions, smart contracts, crypto-exchange.

Furthermore, you can use our search in Flickr, Foursquare, Myspace,
Skype, G+, WikiLeaks, Ebay, Document Cloud, Company OC, Companies House,
Fullcontact, GitHub, Clearbit Enrichments,, Bitcoinwhoswho,
ZoomEye, Securitytrails, Vulners, TokenView, BitcoinWhoisWho

Search by name and photo

Now to find a user profile you need only his name and photo. Search
available in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Foursquare,
MySpace, Xing.

Selecting entities from the text

No more manual entities selecting from articles or posts. Locations,
names, companies, data from any text now available in one click

Search by coordinates

We have developed the tool for searching photos and videos by
geo-coordinates with a given radius. Just select a point on the map,
specify in what radius you want to search and get this area photos and
videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Social Links DataBase – the place where we are collecting open source databases, internet leakages, etc.



Thank you for your interest in Lampyre. We will try to meet all your wishes and ideas in future versions.

Best regards,
Lampyre Team.