Lighthouse Documentation problem



I am learning lighthouse for my project and I noticed that there is a duplicated code at “Creating a schema” section. The only difference is that first code block has city_to_country link and country SchemaObject and other one hasn’t. This is not intentional right?

Here is the link:

Also there is no WirelessStation object and WirelessStationToCity link code blocks at this page


Another one:

Code block, line:
NetId = Field(‘Net ID’, ValueType.String, system_name=‘netid’)

Other code refers to “MacAddress” instead of NetId


Hello! Sorry for the late reply!
Lampyre is in the testing phase, and therefore, unfortunately, errors may occur at this stage, the documentation is constantly being updated and updated. You can also download and see the current code for an example here.
Best regards, Lampyre Team.