Lampyre review



I enjoyed Lampyre working immediately after launch and no need to connect of social network accounts, everything works out of the box. This is rather convenient for new users. You can quickly get the result if you know what to do. I like the interface in VS 2012 style against Office 2007 style that Maltego and IBM i2 have.

Perhaps you can focus on further simplifying the result for beginners. A Web version seems to be a logical step. It would also be convenient if the application determines what type of data I entered in a search query - phone, mail, social network link, etc., and immediately provides the requests that are available for this data type.

Wishing you success in development!


Thank you! Your opinion is important to us, and we will definitely consider your development proposals. We have some ideas for version 1.3 for sorting requests by type of input parameters. Would it be convenient for you?