Lampyre price



I am interested in knowing more about the planned price structure for Lampyre. I would like to try the beta version, but I need to be aware of the price before using this software solution.


We sent you an approximate price list by mail. Please, note that the prices are approximate and subject to change. The final price list will be available soon on the site.
In the meantime, you can try Lampyre for free.


I am in the same case; just registered for the beta licence today and already find that product quite feets my needs!
So, may I also receive a price estimation?

Thanks and best regards


We’ll contact you via e-mail concerning this issue.


Hola estoy interesada en conocer los precios de licensamiento, en la actualidad utilizaré beta pero deseo conocer los costos


Hello! We will e-mail you an approximate price soon.


If you could please contact me with an estimated price that would be great. If you could also please kindly look at my last post about my error in launching lampyre that would also be great. Thank you.


I downloaded the beta and the software is amazing, i want to ask more info is possible like price, but i want to ask other things, if possible.


I also like to know about the price at Lampyre.


Thank you for the feedback! We’ll post our pricelist to our website soon. For more details contact our tech support team via