Install pxf



I received pfx certificate on my e-mail. What password should I use to set it?


You don’t need to enter the password from the PFX file that you received by mail to use the certificate (the same license for Lampyre), as a licence backup is sent to your e-mail in case you accidentally delete the file with the license.
At the program start, it is enough to confirm the receipt of the certificate and click OK, and the licence will be automatically installed in the program.
To install the license from the file you received by mail, you need to launch Lampyre, select the “Certificate file”, click “Browse” and select the license file that you downloaded from the license letter.


Спасибо! Полезный ответ.

Я тоже хотел бы получить сертификат на электронную почту.



Did you mean “Thank! A helpful answer. I would also like to receive a certificate by email”?
The license file is automatically sent by e-mail. This file is also a backup.
In just a couple of steps, the program will start.
When you first start the program, you need to enter your email, then confirm the registration through the link from your email.
Then click OK for your license to be installed automatically.