I performed Location info by address. How to see the result?


I performed Location info by address. How to see the result?


You can drag the result by drag-and-drop to the GIS map or Schema, and then display it in the Requests window -> Right Click -> Show instances.
You can also use the buttons in the Requests window - “Schema” and “GIS map”. You can merge the results of several requests on one scheme/map using the button “Add to active tab”.


I’ve been usieng today this tools, it was close but not perfectly… I’ve been searching adress: wrocław ul. Osobowicka 98 and tools show me on the map Osobowicka 111

I have question, now I have to use to many tools when I wanna to search a domain, simple will be when I coud to use only one tick whos will launch all tools.


Hello! We checked your example.

Unfortunately, various geocoding tools, including Google, cannot determine the position of this house (building). We are working to improve our tools, and we will try to increase the accuracy of the request result.

You can run several requests on the domain or other input data. To do this, we can create a Domain object on the diagram with our settings. This can be done from the Pictures window (Objects section) or Instances (also Objects section).

Then right-click on this object and select “To requests”. Thus, we turn to the “List of request” window with the requests to be run on Domain. Here you can select only part of requests, but you can select all requests of the section by right-clicking on it.


thanks it’s very helpful :wink:

and when the Twitter search option of Instagram LinkedIn Google+ will be available and:
https://mojepanstwo.pl 1 by company
https://mojepanstwo.pl 1 by company ID
https://mojepanstwo.pl 1 by company officer


Requests for searching Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks will be available soon. We will study your data source and try our best to add it to Lampyre. Thank you for your interest in our product!



is some problem with email harvester? I can’t use this request :frowning:

another problem is with SSL Certyficate, when I can use all requests, so I have to deselect SSL Certyficate otherwise it will not work

please help me…


We’re working on the “Email harvester” request problems at this moment. We appologize for the inconvenience! As soon as everything is ok we’ll let you know.
Regarding the “SSL Certificate from host” request, could you please tell a bit more about your issue? What exactly happens when you use the requests together with the “SSL Certificate from host” one? Do you get any error message?