How to import data?


How to import data? I open the Import window but the buttons there are not active. What do I do?


The button you need is in the right part of the window.
With its help you can import data into your investigation or into repository.


This button should be more obvious then.


Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s important to us. We’ll think of this when improving the Application.


And what is this Upload to repository feature? What’s the difference from Upload to investigation?


Upload to investigation’ imports your data file into your current investigation only. Your data is saved in the file of the investigation itself (.lmpr). ‘Upload to repository’ places your data into a special storage in one of the folders where Lampyre is installed on your computer.
This feature allows you to use your data in other investigations, even if the original imported data files were later deleted. Please note that we do not store your data on our server. Both uploading options store data on your computer, just in different places.