How can I find out what binds two people together?


Hello! There are two persons on Facebook. I need to find out whether anything binds them together.

Can your program provide the solution, where to start? I see that they are not friends, but I wonder what to do next.


Hello. The most obvious and simple step to see if these two are friends is already done by you. For this, by the way, you can use the option: “Facebook account friends by account id or username”.

Then you can see whether they are active in relation to each other. You can use “Facebook comments/likes/reposts authors by account username or id” for each person of your interest.

They might be not friends but they may have mutual friends. You can check it using “Facebook common friends by account id or username”.

If you find some mutual friends, you can also see analytical sections and their connections to find out what unites them. For example, imagine that their places of work are not specified, but their 10 mutual friends work in one company. Thus you can assume that persons of you interest also work in this company.


Please tell me exactly how to use the function of finding mutual friends? As I understand it, I need to enter the ID of both (or several) users in the function parameters?


Hello, dear user!

We are sorry for the late reply. We’ve prepared a special guide relevant to your topic. You can find it following another forum reply: Show common elements of object groups

Thank you!