Hi. Admin. Help me with this. Open source. I beseech thee



For me. As the individ, I will not treat my self, as a worker, for the police sector, but, as the human researcher, with this, attitude, that,I will give for an informator, of the prosecution, in the police sector, that even I to have money in my wallet.

The source that I would need. Is this.

To select in the geo-map. And for the geo-map. For selecting. With button. Show latest footprints. I need these objectives. For the geo-map

Add street name by th country state.
Add time, day, month, year.

And the results from the footprints. Will see with icon floor red Text ( IMEI number )

When I will click in the floor icon red, that have IMEI Number.
To see in the palette.

The manufacturer details of the Device.
The details by seller company.
The details by seller company which is selled to the TAX
The first name and last name by device owner.



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even this time. In God. I see. I Trust.

I need in the lampyre for missing persons. That I will offers and details to the company TV albanian, for peaceful editions TV. graceful editions.

The aims are these.

clarifai.com will help. for the API. only this solution I need.

the api

from clarifai.rest import ClarifaiApp
from clarifai.rest import Image as ClImage

app = ClarifaiApp(api_key=‘your_api_key’)
model = app.public_models.general_model
model.model_version = ‘aa7f35c01e0642fda5cf400f543e7c40’
response = model.predict(Image(url=“https://samples.clarifai.com/metro-north.jpg”))

or in curl https

The aims

Upload Face Photo
Button ( Notify Me ) with Email. From Clarifai Company.

For seeing URL Profiles.
For seeing data provided by the state ID. post number. street name.


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