Get a valid License Key



Dear Support Team,
I have just discovered the Lampyre tool which promises to be an outstanding and very useful tool. I really can’t wait to try it but I cannot launch the software. I am blocked at the email / license verification steps.

For the email verification, I provided the email address linked to this user account but I get the following error message “Call failed. An error occured while sending the request. POST”. I did not try the certificate file verification because I do not have one (and do not know how to get/generate one).

I think that I have missed a step, could you please help so I can test this amazing tool?
Thanks in advance!


We was having some temporary server issues.
Please Try again now.


Thanks a lot,It indeed works!


Опять ошибка. Помогите запустить программу в первый раз!



Did you mean “Error again. Help run the program for the first time”?
As we understand, you have problems running the program and obtaining a license.
Due to technical works on updating Lampyre to version 1.3, the service is temporarily unavailable.
Upon completion, you will need to download the new version and run it.
If the problem remains, please specify the error which appears after entering the email and pressing OK, and the email you have registered the program with.