Facebook accounts by email


Just trying to figure out the possibility of false positives with this feature. Does the Facebook accounts by email feature show accounts that are definitely associated with a specific email? Or does it also look for emails with similar user names etc? Also how does it handle languages with different scripts?



The method “Facebook accounts by email” finds the email address that was specified when registering the Facebook account

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We have clarified the information about these requests.
The requests “Facebook account by email” and “Facebook possible accounts by phone number” result in returning information on a Facebook account registered to a specified phone number or email account. If the request provide no information on a particular account, it returns account options offered by Facebook, among which you can find the required one with a high probability. Previously, if the search was successful, the requests returned only one account, but Facebook mechanisms have changed, so we had to adjust our requests.
We apologise for inaccurate information.

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