Difference between Lighthouse and Lampyre


What is the difference between Lighthouse and Lampyre in subscription plans?


Hello! Thank you for your interest in Lampyre.
Standard License includes 1000 photons per month or 10000 per year and Profi License includes 3000 photons per month or 30000 photons per year. This license is necessary for using Lampyre application. If this amount is not enough, you can purchase Lighthouse 1000/5000/25000 subscription in addition to your Standard License.

At the same time, payment and Lampyre License and Lighthouse subscription monthly renewal will be made separately. For example, you can purchase a license on the first day, and a Lighthouse subscription on the 15th. Further, payment will be as follows: monthly, on the 1st day, Standard License will be recharged, then on the 15th day the Lighthouse subscription will be recharged.

In the future, you can always change the subscription or license type in your account.

In fact, the Lighthouse subscription is an additional photon pack to your license.

But if you don’t need Lampyre application and want use only API-requests you can buy only Lighthouse 1000/5000/25000 subscription without Standard or Profi license.