API returning error 409 (Conflict)


Log has a whole bunch of these even after the license is renewed

Error: REST Client: Call failed with status code 409 (Conflict): GET https://lighthouse.lampyre.io/billing/api/1.0/account/balance


Hello! Thank you for choosing Lampyre.io!
This log file error indicates problems with balance display.
Right now we’re working to fix this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
This error does not interfere with requests and other system tools.
Best regards,
Lampyre Team.


It is interfering with requests as I am getting no results back.

I am also now getting a 502 Bad Gateway error.


I have the same problem. 502 Bad Gateway error!


This was subject to technical problems on our side. Try to restarting Lampyre now. Please, let us know if you encounter any problems and need support regarding our system.
Best regards,
Lampyre Team.