Aeroflot checker by email



Hi there - new user! I can’t find this anywhere in existing topics or in the documentation. Just wondering what the “Aeroflot checker by email” does. I presume it takes advantage of some ability to check customer emails via the Aeroflot site. Anyway, what would a positive result mean there? That the person has registered as an Aeroflot customer?

Thanks, J


Hello! Thank you for your interest in Lampyre.
The "Aeroflot checker by emai"l method verifies the existence of an Aeroflot account by email.
Thus, you can investigate your target, for example, whether he prefers to save and carefully plans his finances, or travels by plane regularly, which again may become some kind of clue to test new analytical hypotheses for your study.
Good luck with your new OSINT investigations!

Best regards,
Lampyre Team.


Thanks so much for this information!