Lampyre Installation and Licensing

Installing Lampyre

  • open the homepage and click on Try Lampyre for free to download the distribution;

  • wait for the distribution to install;

  • start Lampyre-1.X.X-prod-signed.exe installer;

  • select the installation directory;

  • wait until installation is complete.

Register your Lampyre account to obtain a license. Confirm your email address. Demo license and bonus photons will be available in your account to make requests to the Lighthouse service.

To install Lampyre on Mac, follow the instructions here.

License activation

Option 1:

  • click the Licenses tab in your user account;

  • copy the activation key of the available license;

  • run Lampyre.exe application file;

  • select By Internet in the Lampyre launch window and insert the Activation key;

  • accept the privacy policy and the license agreement, click OK. License is activated. Lampyre will start.

Option 1.

Option 2:

  • run the Lampyre.exe application file;

  • in the Lampyre launch window select License file and copy Device ID;

  • in the user's personal account go to Licenses tab;

  • to activate the license, click on Activate. Specify Device ID for the license, click on Activate License;

  • click on Download license button;

  • in the Lampyre launch window select License file item, click on Browse;

  • select the license file on your PC, click on Open;

  • accept the privacy policy and the license agreement, click OK. Lampyre will start.

Option 2.

The Lampyre license is available for simultaneous operation on one device. To reissue the license to another device, follow these steps:

  • log in to your personal account and go to Licenses tab;

  • reissue the license for the new device:

Option 1. In Available Licenses section click on Actions, select Reissue. Enter Device ID for the new device, click on Add new device and activate license;

Option 1.

Option 2. In Device section click on Add new device, enter device ID, click on Add new device. Go to available licenses, click on Actions, and click on Reissue. Select Device ID from the list, click on Activate license. In this section, you can also add or change the name (or comment) of your device.

Option 2.
  • Download the license and install it as a file similar to Option 2.